What am I doing? the dating Domme

” What am I doing?” I have now asked myself this more than once on a date. I pop to the loo and have a word with myself before I wreck myself. Its no good he is boring me rigid, this is the pattern.

I have long lost interest why? Its because if you approach a man on a dating app and let them know you DO NOT want a regular boyfriend but want to have amazing regular sex and companionship when it suits you its like you have already smeared shit across his face.
They are the ones who do the come ons, oh yeh, oh hell no! I know a lot of women enjoy the security of a man blah blah but you would think it was easy to date like that….no.

Because it can still be looked upon as women should not go out and get theirs, well this lady is. With a combination of such shitty male attitudes and with me being opinionated and dominant and a fab multi tasker and organiser to name some of my talents (just some.) I decided to forget this ritual of dating as I know within minutes who I want to pleasure me and do not understand why hook ups are sometimes frowned upon.

I now take my men from where and when I want too, it is empowering and sexy it puts you in control and you call all the shots…you get a non complicated arrangement this attitude does not mean I am not looking for a life partner it just means …… I have had enough of the one I had and now its fun time until I am ready. I don’t wait around for a man I do me, till I fancy a bit of a grapple hahah …we all need a cuddle.

This is my approach and what brought me to Domming, I can have a nurturing approach do not be fooled its my general manner as I do like to connect with my subs and slaves I know the importance of trust and building on that so that I can push the submissive further into the world of kink.

Mistress does love to grab her cock, especially when I have said something profound haha say it grab my package and walk it off ooh!

I now have the best of both worlds men or women to please me and none of that awful feeling of shall I see them again because I am a sucker for a sob story and the classic ” oh he did make me laugh ……. now Its ” you are coming with me!” to whoever I fancy, I get mine with a cherry on, as then I get to explore other beautiful creatures kinks and fantasies with the submissives in my life.

I am no more approachable as a single DOMME than any other Domme as you all know you can not ever have us.

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