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My first meeting with Mistress Sadie, left me pining for our next meet.
We had exchanged several messages regarding our coffee shop meet when the day finally arrived I couldn’t have been more nervous and excited.

We met at the coffee shop, I knew where to sit as I had been given previous instruction. As Mistress came in she did not disappoint looking sensational, but discrete
sexy but discrete.
I felt honoured when Mistress instructed me to go and get her a drink, she sat and waited for me to return.
Her manner is very confident but mischievous, with a certain look in her eye, I then became aware that I was getting excited, as we sat chatting about my interests and what Mistress expects of me.

Mistress then took off her shoes and slid her feet underneath my thighs and firmly let me know it was only her ankles I could touch. Then she wiggled her toes still under my thighs and I felt hot as Mistress looked me in the eye, lifted up her feet and told me to kiss her soles, after more verbal humiliation and a little foot rub ( I have to say that Mistress has amazing feet.) Mistress then stood up and told me to ” stay there ” she walked away towards the toilets. Mistress returned with commands of “stand up ” and “look at me ” then she forced something into my pocket and told me to only check it once I got home.

I thanked Mistress and she gave me a task to complete when I got home.

How happy was I when I got home and Mistress had put her panties in my pocket. I carried out the task with photographs for Mistress.

Mistress Sadie is stern, funny, very sexy and will leave you aching for more.

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