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What am I doing? the dating Domme

” What am I doing?” I have now asked myself this more than once on a date. I pop to the loo and have a word with myself before I wreck myself. Its no good he is boring me rigid, this is the pattern. I have long lost interest why? Its because if you approach a man on a dating app and let them know you DO NOT want a regular boyfriend but want to have amazing regular sex and […]

Manchester Mistress

Manchester Mistress Sadie I am a Manchester Dominatrix with very well equipped chambers. For the Novice, or simply curious, I offer a gentle introduction. For the more experienced, I offer absolute indulgence, to discover and explore your fantasy, sensitivity, boundaries and limits in this wonderful World of BDSM. You will be dealt with in a safe, controlled and totally discreet environment by Manchester Mistress Sadie. I fully understand the needs and rewards emanating from the Human Body and Mind. From […]